Chapman Sands Sailing Club
Chapman Sands Sailing Club
The club was founded on March 17th 1957 by a group of catamaran sailors from the Island Yacht Club, Canvey Island. The prime movers were John Fisk and the Prout brothers.

The lease was obtained on the present site in 1959 and the club established in a builders hut donated by Freddie Fisk (John's father) who was elected Commodore. The racing at this time was in Shearwaters designed by the 1952 GB Olympic Kayak Team members, Roland and Francis Prout, they were the first production catamarran dinghies and were not at this time accepted by most dinghy sailors.

In 1961 John Fisk took Rod McAlpine-Downe's C' class catamaran Hellcat to Long Island sound and beat Wildcat the Eastern Multihull Association of America's boat to win the C' class challenge trophy (Little America's Cup). The club held this trophy for nine years defending against both American and Australian challengers in British waters, until losing to Ocelot, a challenger from Skoushoved Sejelklub of Denmark.

Also in July 1961 the club hosted the Scorpion National Championships.

In 1968 the council owned jetty was extensively damaged and the club members had to rebuild it as the council planned to demolish it instead. At the time the club took a lease on the jetty in order to safeguard the future of sailing on Canvey seafront.

We opened a new clubhouse in March 1982, the AWA rebuilt the seawall end of the jetty and the club members took the opportunity to rebuild the rest, which was getting rather tired.

The jetty was originally built, we believe, to serve the Chapman Lightship, which was first deployed in 1847, although there is mention of a lighthouse in 1402. The ship was replaced by the lighthouse which was finally demolished in 1957 and in turn, replaced by a bell buoy (Chapman buoy) that is still there today.

Video featuring Francis Prout talking about his canoeing exploits:

Francis Prout

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Shearwater Catamaran Documentary

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