Chapman Sands Sailing Club
Chapman Sands Sailing Club
Working with various authorities and conservation groups Chapman Sands Sailing Club is niw running a PWC (Personal Water Craft) section.

PWC (Jestski & Wetbike) owners interested in joining the club allowing them to launch their craft should contact us at

Draft documents relation to the formation of the PWC section can be downloaded at the following links:



Following approaches from a number of groups that have concerns about the unregulated use of PWCs such as jetskis and wetbikes in our part of the Estuary, the club are currently exploring setting up a PWC section (Personal Watercraft).
  • Scientific and environmental studies have raised concerns about adverse affects that irresponsible PWC use can have on the marshland around Canvey Island and neighbouring areas.
  • Erosion of the marshes along with other environmental factors such as rising sea levels and increasing instability of weather patterns represents a threat to defence against flooding.
  • Ideally place for access to the Thames without need for navigation through creeks and marshes, Chapman Sands is in an ideal location for launching PWCs.
  • Members of the public have reported concerns about irresponsible PWC use close to beach areas where people bathe creating potential for serious injuries, especially to children.
  • Bringing PWC users together in a club also allows for better education of users, meaning freedom for them to continue with their leisure activities with much less adverse impact to the environment and also safeguarding safety of other river users.
PWC members must obey the club's rules and the PLAs PWC Code of Conduct or risk losing membership and potential reporting to the authorities.

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